News Cycle: Lots of good in the world of bikes

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Good for Mike’s Bikes, whose Palo Alto store is right down the street from where we’re living: “More than a dozen employees of Mike’s Bikes, the largest independent bicycle retailer on the West Coast, loaded a shipping container Monday with more than 450 bicycles bound for Africa as part of an ongoing campaign to bring a permanent sustainable transportation solution to the troubled continent.”

Biking for the homeless: “Now, Nelson plans to set off from his home in Asheville, North Carolina, on March 19 on a new quest — to raise funds for the homeless and homeless veterans and to raise awareness about solutions for the problems of homelessness…”

Adam Craig out for 4 months with shredded ACL, we wish him a speedy recovery.

I kept my Schwinn Continental for 40 years before giving it to a youth bike program. But hey, it wasn’t rideable. This guy takes the cake.

After years of study and aeons of debate, it is still impossible to say definitively that helmets save lives. But that doesn’t stop us all from trying. Aside: Some of my worst bell-ringers have come in fairly innocuous tumbles, e.g., losing balance in a slow section and going over backwards. If you hit your head, it’s gonna hurt, helmet or not. So why take the chance on going lid-less?

Fat Cyclist, newly anointed Hall of Fame blogger, is a big fat cyclist. Actually he’s not. Just his ego. Not even that either. It’s impossible not to like Fat Cyclist, no matter how easy he tries to make it.

We’ve said it before, you can’t be DUI on a bike. You can, however, be RUI.


Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Fest a Real Ripper!

Cycling Colorado Gov. laffs it up with broken ribs


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