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Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour is announced. This more or less formalizes a kind of ad hoc tour that’s been emerging throughout the past decade. There should be all kinds of efficiencies in cost, publicity, calendar and other facets. Interesting to note only 3 out of the first 10 announced events are in the U.S., an indication of how far the sport has expanded from its North American roots.

Besides freeriding and recreation, bike commuting is bringing more women into cycling as well.

A careless driver thoughtlessly opens a car door into the path of an oncoming cyclist, and a respected humanitarian is dead.

Duthie Hill gets ink in The Seattle Times. Not sure where the author came up with 5,000 members for Evergreen, but hey, we’ll take it! (Actual number is slightly above 800.)

On the mend in Bend: Adam Craig. He’ll be back before we know it.

The world’s second biggest
bike show, Taipei Cycle, is off ‘n rolling, but where are the bloggers? Not a lot of grist coming out of the show. Must have something to do with travel budgets?

BikingBis’ 10 things to remember the next time you go bike touring. Clip ‘n save!

The final chapter: Jobst Brandt interviews conclude at Cozy Beehive with Part V.

NorCal Bikers gets
a facelift. We like!


New Evergreen Interim Director Has a Full Agenda

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Paul! Oddly enough, since the makeover, I’ve been alot more inclined to post to NorCal Bikers.

    Somehow I hadn’t added Bike Intelligencer to my Google Reader yet but have now rectified the situation!

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