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2 responses to “News Cycle: “Spycling,” Sausalito to tax bikes? Florida bike deaths, Mark Weir talks”

  1. Richard Masoner

    Florida. I went for a job interview to Hollywood FL (a little north of Miami). The first thing I noticed: EVERYBODY’S car in the parking lot was fitted with “The Club.” I asked about this and the guys interviewing me said it was no big deal. “We only get our cars broken into a couple of times a year. It’s not too bad.”

  2. Paul Andrews

    Thanks Richard, Can’t remember which Hiaasen novel it was, but it showcased the classic Floridian thievery — a guy who stole wheelchairs from the old, infirm and handicapped. Anywhere you can make your living stealing wheelchairs has got to be perilous for bicycles! Glad you didn’t take that job!

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