News Cycle: Miley Cyrus on a mountain bike? Pedal-powered lawnmower, Bicycle Bob & more

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A pedal-powered lawnmower? Gotta love it!

I also love stories like this showing the human side of cycling.

This kind of story, otoh, is exasperating. The intent — an inspirational profile of a budding artist run over by a semi — is right. But merely stating “no charges were filed” falls far too short of journalistic responsibility. Even if Williams was not observing the rules of the road (it appears if he was, as the story indicates, headed downhill, he was riding against traffic), it’s worth saying specifically how the accident happened as a reminder and lesson to the public. Conjecture simply reinforces stereotypes.

Not sure why we find the continuing saga of the lonesome death of Bicycle Bob so compelling, but here’s the latest.

It turns out that the story about Miley Cyrus, the teen songstress known better by her stage name of Hannibal the Cannibal, taking up mountain biking was a spoof. We’re disappointed. Make that shattered. We would love to see Miley taking up mtb. It would be great for the sport, and would upgrade her image from that of a bloodthirsty serial killer to a Woman of Dirt.

Wait a minute, um … did we get that stage name wrong?


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