News Cycle: License bikes? Rider down, Sanyo e-bikes, Marin Bicycle Coaliton

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Maybe they read SeattleLikesBikes in Medford OR? Just after Aili Le Pard deconstructs the let’s-license-cyclists argument, the city of Medford repeals its ordinance requiring bikes to be licensed. “Medford Police asked the city council for the repeal because it was difficult to enforce and many people did not know about it. Police say only one or two citations were written a year.”

Rider Down: We don’t know Wes Castro but this shouldn’t have to happen to anyone.

Sanyo’s new “Loop Charge” e-bikes are on the way.

Kim Baenisch, executive director of Marin County Bicycle Coalition, is interviewed by the Marin Independent Journal. “It is endlessly rewarding to know that my work is positively impacting the lives of Marin’s residents and visitors through the creation or improvement of bicycle and pedestrian facilities like the Cal Park Hill Tunnel, bike lanes on local streets, bike parking in downtown areas and the 70-mile multiuse path that will accompany the SMART train.”


Colorado’s Cycling Gov. Bill Ritter: A Poetic Tribute

Seattle-based Evil’s Revolt is rising up


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