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| | , is asking how cyclists feel about a small bike excise tax. Our response: Define small.

It’s time for the 22nd annual Old Bike Swap Meet and Show this Sunday down at the Kent National Guard Armory. A great show if you can make it for the simple reason that you always see something you’ve never seen before, even when (like at my age) you think you’ve seen it all.

It’s still snowing up at Whistler, which will amaze all the snowless Olympics attendees out there, but the official Mountain Bike Park opening is just a month and a half away. Lots going on up north as well: A new Web site, new races, and a fleet of new Maxxis Minion DH tires. More at PinkBike.

Gertrude Stein said,
“There is no there there.” Cyclists are saying, “There is no Bike There.”

Drat it all, Andy Schleck’s knee just ain’t coming around. Guess it won’t be his big year for the Tour after all.

BonesOverMetal has
results from Double Down Hoe Down on Beacon Hill in Spokane, one of WA’s unheralded gems.

When we hear officials float a very small, quite tiny really, excise tax, we think of the Monty Python’s Holy Grail witch scene, where very small rocks are said to float.


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