News Cycle: Covering the world of cycling 25/8

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Help! Stolen bike! If returned, no questions asked. Oh, and by the way, NO REWARD!

Maybe it’s in this pile of bikes — a bicycle chop shop in north Seattle.

Lance gives Sarkozy a bike. Why? Anybody know if there’s quid pro quo?

RIP James Williamson. Not just a cyclist but a bike blogger as well. A shame.

Partnership leads to mtb trail access success near Black Diamond WA. We’re seeing more and more of these as it becomes patently obvious that, in many cases, it’s easier and faster and more productive to work with private landowners than with public officials. Of course, there are exceptions, starting with King County, which supported Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park from the beginning.

Over at Popwuping they’re demo’ing a turn signal cycling jacket. The video gives an idea of how it works but the arrows are not articulated enough in my opinion to get the point across. The still photos show sharper arrows and communicate the action much better.

DrunkCyclist: Another rider mowed down on the highway, another slap on the wrist. But there is progress! It now appears that if a driver attempts to pass a car and strikes a cyclist riding lawfully and legally in the opposite direction, killing the cyclist in the process … it now appears that the driver is guilty of a traffic infraction.


Time for a Seattle Mountain Bike Festival?

Another Near Death Experience in Bicycle Heaven


2 thoughts on “News Cycle: Covering the world of cycling 25/8”

  1. Re: hitting a cyclist while passing in the opposite direction.

    That’s a result of Debi Toews’ work (a lawyer) after her best friend Ann Weatherill was hit and killed in the same way. Then the Ann Weatherill Cycling Classic was established to fundraise for cycling safety in the Walla Walla area.

  2. Oh, nevermind– that incident is in another state.

    In either case– such a law had to be CREATED in Washington State, because there wasn’t one.

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