News Cycle: Calendar markups, SLOG spews, BikeSnobNYC exonerated & more

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Calendar flipping …

Tomorrow night (Thursday) is Women on Wheels at Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle. Raffles, clinics, talks and presentations — it all gets rolling at 7 p.m. More here.

And just for reference purposes, BonesOverMetal has posted a full (and growing) calendar of “Women of Dirt” showings all over.

Spokespeople will ride from Wallingford to U Village this Saturday starting at 2 p.m. Much of the ride will be on the Burke-Gilman Trail. Ride leaves from south end of Wallingford playfield at Densmore and 42nd. If you haven’t made the acquaintance of Spokespeople yet, these are really great social rides, especially for riders just getting into the Seattle scene or back to cycling in general. More here.

Looking ahead to the following weekend, March 13-14 will mark the return of Seattle Bike Expo, this time to a spanking new location near the Magnolia Bridge (Smith Cove Cruise Terminal 91). Following the smash turnout for the Seattle Bike Swap meet last weekend, the Expo should really rock in its new venue.

And jumping even further ahead, Portland’s first ever Trail Fest will be April 22 to 25. Great idea at just the right time, given the sorry state of Forest Park advocacy.

We’ve often noted that the way to get away with the Perfect Crime is to run over someone and claim you didn’t see him or her. The only catch being that the victim has to be riding a bicycle at the time. There is one exception, though: You can’t be drunk when you do it.

What’s up with The Stranger? We appreciate its shall we say rarefied sense of irony, even when it is misdirected. But to call cyclists “self-satisfied turds,” even if the reference is just to Critical Mass, and to “fantasize about mowing down” any cyclist, even if it happens to be in your way while driving, promotes the kind of stereotype phobia that, with most other prefixes, The Stranger rightly rails against.

Speaking of irony so subtle as to entirely escape detection, BikeSnobNYC explains himself, in his own exasperatingly desultory way, re the case of the mistaken Craigslist ad. [Update: Snob just tweeted that all’s cool now.]

More Ultegra chain failures, which means more buzz in the Beehive!

Cups for boyz? Really? So how are you gonna enforce that one?


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