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In a curious case we’ve been following all month, the British mountain biker exchange student in Virginia, Jonathan Dorey, is still missing. Now his parents have gone on TV to appeal for information. It’s a bit of a mixed message as to whether he’s still alive (or at least whether they think he is). How does a kid disappear into thin air? One more reason to read, if you haven’t already, Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild.”

Wow. We all know the bike biz is hurting but an 8-year low in imports? No wonder there’s so little new stuff coming out. I asked a local shop if they were going to be doing any demo days and the wrench said, “Not much to demo — nobody’s coming out with anything new.” Guess it’s still hunker-down time.

SeattleLikesBikes wonders where bikes will get routed during construction of the Alaskan Way viaduct south end replacement project.

For the simple reason that you have a lot farther to fall, you stand a much bigger chance of getting injured riding a bike.

The Northwest Trail Alliance and Oregon State Parks are teaming up to put in new mountain biking singletrack west of Portland. Three point five miles ain’t much, but it’s a start.

Twisted Spoke assesses Lance’s Radio Shack commercial.

Good lord, they’re already back to racing again in Port Angeles — this weekend, bro!

What a senseless waste of human endeavor. Man throws bicycle though big-screen TV. There are so many other ways to destroy a TV that do not include risking misalignment of a perfectly good bike frame, to say nothing of scratching the finish.


So Who Wins This Ride-off??

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  1. Re: bike shop hunkering. I’d say we’re on our way out of this phase.

    In the last year or two, bike shops started ordering less–
    so bike makers started making less–
    and now bike shops are asking for MORE–
    and it’s just not there. Lots of low stock this year in bikes, apparel, you name it.

    So this time, we’re asking for more than what they’ve got– which I take as a good sign. A sign that people are buying.

    And for consumers: if this is the year you were going to get a new bike, get it NOW. Don’t wait. Or else it may be out of stock!

    @Gregg’s Bellevue Cycle

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