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BikeJuju goes to the big Seattle Bike Swap. So does BikeHugger, who posts video!

From one of our veteran correspondents, the lowdown:

HUGE crowd!! Probably the most I’ve ever seen. The economy…nobody can pay list. They changed the direction of the lineup outside pointing the bodies down the sidewalk to the north. By 9:00 it had almost reached the gates to the building where the Expo has been. That’s a freakin long way. It was so packed in there after 30 min or so you could hardly move. As usual my hunter gatherer instincts held me in good stead. Got what I went for; an oversize stem for that sexy 26” handlebar with the gold trim and a new carbon road bar. Both were crispy, brand new. List for the 2 was somewhere in the vicinity of $350.00 and I shelled out $90.00. Was tempted by a few items but held firm.

Chilly Hilly a record-breaker. BikingBis was there. But wha…? No video?? (Update: Michael Snyder at SeattleLikesBikes says he has some coming. In the meantime, check out Garrett Wesley Gibbons’ time lapse.)

Is that 100 their IQ? Cozy Beehive weighs in on the Leadville scamola. Basically what happened was that the folks who lost out in the lottery to enter the Leadville 100 (chance to ride with Lance!) and pay $275 for the privilege got a “SECOND CHANCE”! All they had to do was pony up $1,250 for a training “camp,” and an entry ticket would be theirs for FREE!

Warning to bike promoters everywhere: Bad idea.

Always yield to Bambi. Teen feeling better after hitting a deer while riding a bike. I’ve almost hit deer on mountain bike epics. Doesn’t seem like it would be a whole lot of fun.

SF Gate: Bike camping in the Bay Area. Good piece, bookmark it if you do bike camping. I’d add to the list New Brighton State Park in Santa Cruz. Its bike camp area is close (100 feet) to restrooms and the stairwell down to the beach, with spectacular views off the bluff. Plus it’s nicely segregated from the main campground, which can get a bit noisy and trafficky.

EcoVelo’s server change is complete. Now pedaling isn’t the only thing Alan is doing faster…

Is there someone you’d like to injure and maim in L.A. and get away with it? It’s easy: Make sure they’re riding a bike at the time. Cyclists conducted a protest ride in the City of Angels on Wednesday to highlight the lack of justice in a hit-and-run incident. Driver hit cyclist, got out of car to look, ignored stricken rider’s pleas for help, got in car and drove off. No ticket. No justice. No comprende. But there is hope: The chief of police says things will get better. LA Streetsblog: Yeah right.

On the other hand … Try that kind of crap in Seaside OR and you’re in big trouble.


Chilly Hilly 2010: Time lapse video from Garrett Wesley Gibbons

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