More curiosities from missing mountain biker

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More photos, these from a security cam, of the missing Brit mountain biker in Virginia.

Some observations: No helmet, let alone a full-face job, and clothing not indicative of being off on a big ride. Also, it’s tough to tell from the lo-res but although he’s ID’d as an experienced mountain biker, it’s unclear whether this particular bike is the one he takes on the trails. (If so, it doesn’t appear to be an aggro trail bike that would suggest rad or dangerous riding.)

It might help for a local bike blogger to look into this a bit; describing the kid’s bike as having a red stripe down the middle of the seat ain’t a lot to go on.

All indications from this evidence suggest that whatever caused him to disappear was not bike-related. Nonetheless a real shame, and mystery, that we hope gets resolved soon.


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