Miley Cyrus the Cyclist resurfaces over and over …

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Miley Cyrus suddenly a cycling celebrity!

When we wrote about Miley Cyrus taking up mountain biking last week, we admittedly had a little fun with the notion of a ruthless cold-blooded serial killer being just the thing to spruce up mountain biking’s image a bit. OK, we got her stage name wrong. (It’s not Hannibal the Cannibal.) But we never meant to unleash a tidal wave of publicity on poor Hannah. Now it appears she cannot mount a bike anywhere for a pleasant afternoon ride without the paparazzi descending on her like hail pellets.

Separated at birth?

There’s just one thing we noticed from her photo. Besides the fact she’s a little chunky. The round face, the high forehead, the full lips. . . could it be? Could Miley Cyrus be the love child of … Anthony Hopkins?


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