Lance’s Chances: Brer Armstrong he lay low…

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Today’s Lance is Lance the Poor Mouth. Followers of Bike Intelligencer know that we appreciate Lance Armstrong as much for his strategic ingenuity and personal charisma as for his athleticism. Today word comes from Madrid that Lance is downplaying his odds in the Tour de France 2010. And while what Lance says is true — he’s getting old and Alberto is just too dang good — we also know that Brer Fox he don’t say nuthin’ when there ain’t no percentages in it. Right now it’s best to sound creaky and tired and unenthusiastic. No reason to say anything that will get The Pistol’s barrel smokin’.

But just wait. When Radio Shack whispers in his ear that it’s time to start juicing the wires with trash talk, then we’ll be hearing from Lance the Big Mouf. When Bobke and Phil & the crew start stirring the Clash of Titans refrain for Tour TV coverage, then we’ll be hearing pronto from Swashbucklin’ Lance. Right now, though, it’s way too early. Right now, Brer Lance, he lay low.

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