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5 responses to “Copenhagen Wheel: When the hype meter twitches”

  1. RJ

    Check out Trek’s Valencia +. We just got one in the shop over at Gregg’s Bellevue.

    It has 4 levels of pedal assist (you still have to pedal, if only lightly, to make it go) and 4 levels of self-re-charge (feels like your brakes are rubbing, but just click it on while you’re going downhill). I’ve only been on a 5 minute zipp around town, but so far– have been very impressed!

  2. Friday morning week in review » Cyclelicious

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  3. Jennifer

    “I mean, who commutes slightly more than a mile to work?”

    You’d be surprised.

  4. Bike Shop Girl

    I enjoy that “Lady Gaga + Drunk Cyclist + Bike Shop Girl” were spoken of in the same article.

    Thank you

  5. Adam Bejan Parast

    2km doesn’t seam too off the mark for Copenhagen. I haven’t seen this done but if you plot bike mode share and average trip distance you will probably notice that as biking becomes more mainstream the average trip length becomes shorter and shorter. Of course that is affected by land use but Copenhagen is a pretty dense and compact city.

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