Another Near Death Experience in Bicycle Heaven

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[Note: From our correspondent and riding partner Jim Lyon in Seattle comes the latest episode in the bike version of “Survival,” which is not a game and will never be featured on TV. It should be noted that the “Ravenna” Jim refers to is one of Seattle’s few east-west bike-laned routes, one of the most popular commuter corridors in the city.]

Almost got taken out last week riding home. I was riding westbound on Ravenna at Roosevelt when a 20-something girl staring down at her lap obviously busily texting away was gaily running the light southbound on Roosevelt roaring straight toward me — when she decided to glance up from her important task for a moment to see the blood-red light…and me right in front of her in the intersection.

Smoking, squealing tires, and nearly turned sideways by the time she stopped.

In return for providing me the opportunity to truly think I was a goner and watch my life flash before me, I got a shoulder shrug and a smile.

Needless to say I was somewhat less than amused and let her know it.  I’m not kidding when I say I thought it was time to be running through my pre-flight check list.

Cell phones and drivers… bad juju.

— Still Alive and Kicking Holes in the Darkness


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