This Sad Day in Doping: Joe Papp deserves medal, not prison

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Reformed doper Joe Papp, familiar on this blog, Twitter and via his own writings for being one of the only pro cyclists to come clean and tell the truth about doping, has guilty to being a person he no longer is.

“Having escaped a corrupt system in which doping was a practice as accepted and normal as brushing one’s teeth, I strongly believe in clean sport and for several years have been fighting against doping both publicly and in ways that I simply can’t comment on…” Papp said.

What Joe did — both his own doping and acting as an international pimp of sorts for other pro cyclists — was wrong and should not be excused. But in the context of his extensive work to bring doping problems to light and his own campaign for cleaning up the sordid state of pro cycling, his past transgressions hold little relevance today.

We wish Joe well and hope this works out for the best — for him and for the sport. Although he faces possible prison time, it’s obvious his presence can do far more good outside of jail.


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2 thoughts on “This Sad Day in Doping: Joe Papp deserves medal, not prison”

  1. Thanks for the positive energy, guys. Hoping to make something, ahem, positive come out of this, so maybe the harsh reality of having added a criminal element to the mix will make this story of a Phi Beta Kappa grad seduced by the dark side of the sport and given the rope with which to hang himself all the more real, visceral and unavoidable. I don’t like the “if I only reach one kid it will be worth it” whine, since 1:1 is hardly the kind of ratio that earns one much of a second chance. I want every young athlete in the world to know my face and feel a chill creep down his spine as he thinks of what it must have been like for me to be absolutely shredded financially, emotionally, physically and mentally; threatened with death; blogged about by pervs like Nick Price who advocate the anal-raping of me as retribution for the doping-related crimes to which I plead guilty (( [Look for Pappillon to feature a guest post analyzing the repressed homosexual desires of Mr. Price in the near future – in the meanwhile, if you want to buy a house from the budding, wannabe anal rapist:; and generally had your world turned upside down, inside out, kicked to the curb, spat on, shot and pushed to near extinction thanks to your own stupid decisions – only to (hopefully) win a second chance at life and rise Phoenix-like from the ashes to finally do some good in the world. It’s late. I’m out. Peace.

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