This Day in Doping: Floyd hit with warrant

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Our dreams for Team Rehab at the Dopers Reunion Tour de France 2010 have taken another body blow with announcement that a France-based warrant for Floyd Landis’ arrest was issued in late January. The warrant concerns hacking of an lab computer, but since the hacking related to Landis’ being stripped of his Tour de France victory for cheating, it seems likely to take Floyd out of the picture for this year’s Tour.

Looks clean...

[Update: Floyd says warrant? What warrant? One suggestion: You might want to lose the shades, my man.]

The warrant stipulates that Landis can be arrested if he touches foot in France. It might well be possible for a rider of Landis’ abilities to stay on his bike the entire time, including track stands in staging areas, but for practical purposes Floyd will have to stay out of France if he wants to avoid a court appearance.

Twisted Spoke muses over a Landis-Polanski straight-up trade, the problem (for our purposes) being that Polanski, whatever his cinematic accomplishments, can’t climb Alpe d’Huez and the kind of rehab he needs has nothing to do with doping. Still, we’re not opposed to the idea…

And it looks like Michael Rasmussen won’t be able to make the Tour either. Drat. The cheats are dropping like flies. It’s hard to know who, when you put doping in the mix, you can really count on in professional cycling these days.

Meanwhile, Italian cyclist Eddy Ratti has joined the ranks of the fallen.


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  1. Another funny, dead-on post. What we’re talking about here is the same downfall for Landis and Polanski — it’s a testosterone problem. Too much in the system whether it’s an underage girl or a mountain climb in the tour.

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