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3 responses to “Before "Women of Dirt," there was "HardiHood"”

  1. Billy Savage

    Looks cool. I’ve got to check out HardiHood. Thanks for the nod regarding Klunkerz. I really did try to do something different with that film. Whether the film was successful is debatable, but I tried. No big hits, no heavy rock montages, no slow-mo, close-up sequences, no cable-cams, no overt product placement, and heavy on the dialog. No wonder I couldn’t get any sponsors:). I like stunts just as much as the next guy (or girl), but I guess it’s always been the characters in a film that fascinated me. I tried to show a bit about the subject’s lives outside of cycling, as well as their contributions the sport. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I hope that there’s more character-driven sports films on the horizon. I’d love to see a film about the ‘new school’ of female riders juxtaposed with the accomplishments of the Jacquie Phelans, Cindy Whiteheads, and Wende Craggs out there. For a title…I dunno…maybe “Klunk Hers” ? 🙂
    Ride on,

  2. Paul Andrews

    Hey Billy, KlunkHers…love it! Well to your credit you made an actual movie, not a montage of clips. A day does not pass I don’t recommend it to folks — wish it had a bottom line commensurate. How about a mountain-biking version of, say, “Avatar” ? Gary Fisher as Jake Sully?

  3. Nicole Mackinlay Hahn

    It’s great that more films shining light on the women of MTB’n are being made. I can’t believe only one since my film Hardihood. That says a lot. HARDIHOOD will have a relaunch, digital downloads and much more in late 2011 for it’s Ten Year Anniversary. Thanks for your attention to the films above, I need to see Klunkhers!
    Nicole Mackinlay Hahn

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