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We call it a “design,” because before our appearance was intentionally stark. Thanks to Jonathan Bostwick, an ace Seattle-based Web developer, and Jungim Jang, a gifted graphic artist whose designs (making dazzling use of Silverlight) are popping up all over MSN, we have a new look we’re pretty excited about. (The color scheme btw is based on Jon’s own Giant mountain bike.) It’s based on Justin Tadlock‘s HybridNews template, and we hope you like it as much as we do!


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8 thoughts on “About Bike Intelligencer’s redesign”

  1. I actually liked the old design better. Clean, things that are new on the left… This new design looks like every other web page, cluttered with cr*p.

  2. Hey Paul, congrats on the re-design. Looks great. Funny because I’m doing a re-design or rather tweaking a new template this week and next and finally switching Twisted Spoke to a new web address. Even with the web mapping and redirect to the new site, it’s been a google nightmare. Traffic down by 75%. Ouch.

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