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8 responses to “About Bike Intelligencer’s redesign”

  1. Bikejuju

    Congrats, looks good. See you at the swap, I’ll be the guy that just bought the thing you had your eye on!

  2. Predictive

    The layout is *much* better. It’s now easy to read previous stories. Kudos!

  3. Richard Masoner

    Paul, congrats; this looks really good. I see you’ve decided to take sponsorship as well!

  4. Tim

    Nice job!

  5. Gary

    I actually liked the old design better. Clean, things that are new on the left… This new design looks like every other web page, cluttered with cr*p.

  6. Matt Walsh

    Hey Paul, congrats on the re-design. Looks great. Funny because I’m doing a re-design or rather tweaking a new template this week and next and finally switching Twisted Spoke to a new web address. Even with the web mapping and redirect to the new site, it’s been a google nightmare. Traffic down by 75%. Ouch.

  7. Gene Bisbee

    Good luck with the new design, but what I really like is the content. Keep up the good work!

  8. mawky bostwick

    wow! thanks, paul, my son did a great job! love, Mawky.

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