Sam Brown's body lies a-molderin'

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God this is ugly. The guy who ratted out Sam Brown, the once-celeb freeride mountain biker who hanged himself after being arrested in a drug sting last year — the guy who ratted him out was himself a major drug kingpin. And he ratted Sam Brown out in return for a promise of immunity from prosecution. In other words, so he could keep doing business trafficking illegal drugs, Colin Martin of Malakwa, B.C., sent Sam Brown to his grave.

In carefree days

We were sorry to see Brown get caught up in this tawdry underworld. It was his own choice, as an article in Rolling Stone made clear. But he didn’t deserve this kind of slime, and the whole sorry episode — I mean, is law enforcement in this case any better than the scuzz it seeks to prosecute? — stands as yet another argument for legalizing drugs, taxing them to the hilt, and ending the garbage industry of drug running.

Times Colonist article (see comments queue).

Sam’s “hamster wheel.”

Rolling Stone article.

CBC television show.


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  1. When a kid hangs himself in a prison cell (if that’s really what happened — I have my doubts), there’s a lot more going on than just his participation in a drug ring. Nobody killed Sam Brown but Sam Brown and his personal demons.

  2. Sad story but just is sad is how everyone glorifies this kid. He was a drug trafficker who was not man enough to pay for his crime.

  3. “christopher
    June 15, 2010 at 5:25 pm | Permalink

    Sad story but just is sad is how everyone glorifies this kid. He was a drug trafficker who was not man enough to pay for his crime.”

    The whole situation is one you can’t even comprehend until you’re in that spot, so don’t be a jerk about it and say that someone took the easy way out because they weren’t strong enough. Think about it. Life locked in a cage sucks, I’ll wager you would do the same, if you actually believe the official story. I for one don’t know if I do.

  4. Its not like he even did anything that bad. for somebody to be given a maximum 40 year jails sentence they would have to of done something prety extreme but smugling some plant material on helicopters doesn’t deserve to be locked in a cell that is inhumane. This is another case of modern abuse of human rights.

  5. X. Are you really naive enough to think that way. The drug trafficing in the NW is more that pot (which is still illegal) it most often also involves meth. Liberals like you will never understand personal accountability . He was no better than the gang banger standing on the corner selling dope to kids.. Here is a thought why not get a normal job as opposed to being a dope runner. Go to Juarez and tell people being a druf trafficer is not a “bad person” . Tool !

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