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One response to “News Cycle: More on Mark Weir's home, SF Bike Plan, Bike commuting trends & more”

  1. Darren

    I wrote this on EcoVelo comments section. Your readers may be interested too:

    A source of trip data has just been released. While the ACS is useful because the sample size is large enough to tell us about individual cities, it is limited because it only tells about regular commuters. As Fritz points out, it excludes people who ride less than half the days of the week before they were interviewed and most people who ride to transit (unless the bike portion is farther than than the transit portion). And the ACS doesn’t tell us anything about non-work trips.

    The new source is called the National Household Travel Survey. It is a national survey and the sample is not large enough to tell us anything about individual communities. But, it asked respondents about all of their travel — not just commuting. So it gets closer to an accurate picture of bicycling’s true mode share. It also has good demographic info, including if the household is in an urban or rural area.

    Here are some of the preliminary numbers:

    I’m digging deeper into the results now. Hope to post something more in depth on the League’s blog soon.

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