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2 responses to “News Cycle: Facebook protest tomorrow, How you can help, Discriminatory Portland cyclists & more”

  1. Mark Kirschner

    Minor nitpick, but the link from Cascade is to contact your LEGISLATIVE delegation (in Olympia), not the Congressional delegation (in Washington DC). This is a state-level issue, not a federal issue.

    Other than that, everyone who cares about this issue should contact not only their legislators, but also the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. At this stage in the game, those 8 members get to decide if your Senator will ever get to vote on the bill in a full Senate session. The home pages for each member of the committee are from my article on this page: http://gettinaroundpnw.blogspot.com/2010/01/vulnerable-user-bill-in-committee.html

  2. Paul Andrews

    Thanks Mark, point noted & clarified…

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