News Cycle: Cycling sexism, Budget slashing, Bike biz hammered & more

| | , ,’s Elly Blue reviews “My year as a woman in a city of bikes”: “The resulting discourse focuses primarily on why so few women choose to ride, concluding that the primary factors are safety concerns — read, greater fearfulness — and image consciousness. More astute observers have pointed out that the majority of errands and kid-toting, even in households with two working partners, falls to women, leading to limited transportation choices.”

Jacquie Phelan’s career-long battle against cycling sexism has done nothing to vitiate her love for bikes. Cool bike mural.

Today in Budget Slashing:
Now word comes that Washington State may close the John Wayne Trail, one of the state’s most popular biking routes.

Bicycle Retailer: Imports were way down in November, and kids’ bikes in particular got hammered. Not a happy Christmas in 2009 for a lot of girls ‘n boys: “Imports of kids’ 20 and 24-inch bikes are off more than 20 percent, and sidewalk bikes are down 10 percent—together suppliers imported 1.96 million fewer juvenile bikes.” Mountain bikes: Down 17 percent in September, 25 percent in November. As we’ve said before, it’s gonna take awhile to dig out of this hole.

Ryan Leech on the joys of yoga.

The first time I saw this headline, I read it wrong…

So what happens when you actually DO ride in the buff? All it took was an administrative change to get a ticket against World Naked Bike Ride organizer Daniel Johnson dismissed. A new mayor, a new city attorney, a new agenda…


News Cycle: Facebook Protest Ride, Reckless endangerment, a $290,000 traffic ticket & more

If it was wrong, it was done by a "cyclist"


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