News Cycle: Unknown cyclist, UCSC bike library, Oregon’s new law, Snow cycling & more

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Tomb of the Unknown Cyclist: A Palo Alto bicycle rider killed by a CalTrans vehicle Dec. 19 still is not being identified by authorities, who claim a policy of notifying next of kin before making an identity public. Apparently no one can find the guy’s next of kin.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to publicize his name in an *attempt* to locate next of kin?

Cool idea: UC Santa Cruz’s bike library.

In Oregon they’re moving ahead on vehicular homicide legislation. Let’s hope Washington State legislators can follow suit in Olympia.

Bike plus Snow
Can't ride snow without a smile on your face

BikeRadar offers a Chris Ford tutorial on riding in the snow. There’s nothing like riding a mountain bike in the snow, it’s beyond fun. Especially when the snow is fresh and crunchy. Highly recommended.

When your name is Ryder, it seems only fitting that you be honored as the Canadian cyclist of the year.


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