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One response to “Daily Roundup: Naked cyclist gets ticket to cover himself, Zorn can hit the trails, SF guy's year avoiding cars, Black Diamond glitters & more”

  1. Templeton

    Update: Seattle’s new City Attorney completely reversed the train on this case. At the first meeting of all parties, the City proposed to drop the charges – “dismiss with prejudice” – and so never would be able to charge him in this incident again. The reasoning for this was very clearly stated as in the “Interest of Justice”. We all know that no person on WNBR that September day did anything lewd or obscene. It is true that some citizens were offended by seeing an unclothed person. I’m saddened by such a response, especially considering that 1000’s observed the similar civic protest actions or just plain Solstice fun for years. We really must learn to get along. Live and let live.

    Just to be clear, anyone being obscene, doing anything prurient, taunting, teasing or sexually suggestive is not welcome nor tolerated by the WNBR organizers / participants.

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