Daily Roundup: Sharrows, Holiday cheer, Pastajet or Niki? (You decide), More Bikes Under the Tree & more…

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Over at SeattleLikesBikes, Michael Snyder offers an intriguing analysis of the “sharrows” issue. We don’t like sharrows, never have, and SLB uncovers yet another reason why: Inconsistency of implementation. It’s bad enough that sharrows send mixed signals to both cyclists and drivers. As Snyder shows, rules governing sharrow placement are not even applied consistently. Be sure to read his excellent list of suggestions for correcting the situation.

Six Six One is looking for a blowout year in 2010 and they’ve got the reviews to prove it. On MTBR.com, Brian Mullin (Pastajet) deconstructs the x4 series of “soft” armor (we call ’em pads). And I Hate Bikes (but LOVE body armor) takes a look at Six Six One body suit and upper body armor.

Now the eagle-eyed among you faithful readers will undoubtedly ask, “Why does Bike Intelligencer insist on Six Six One when the other reviewers call the company 661?” Good question. The reason is that the company refers to itself as Six Six One. Its Website is SixSixOne.com. It never uses the numbers. There are undoubtedly a host of reasons why, but for accuracy’s sake it’s Six Six One, dudes and dudettes.

As bold as Pastajet looks in body armor, I wish this mountain biker had modeled for his post.

More holiday warm & mushies: Bixby, OK church gives 160 bikes to kids. And in Worcester MA 500 bikes are given away in below freezing weather.

IMBA posts 10 Things IMBA did for Mountain Biking in 2009. Only 10? I can think of triple that off the top of my head. But the biggies are covered here.

The SacBee updates the age-old saga of trail conflicts. I wrote this story for The Seattle Times’ Sunday magazine Pacific a decade and a half ago. And so it goes…

Charges finally filed in the Lonesome Death of Bicycle Bob. RIP and Merry Christmas Bob wherever you are.


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