Daily Roundup: New mtb speed record, SF adds bike lane, stolen bikes & more

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PinkBike: A new world speed record on a mountain bike! 131mph, which is just 21 mph faster than I’ve ever driven in a car.

SF.StreetsBlog: They’re dancing, and wheely-popping, in the streets of San Francisco, which just got its first bike lane in 3 years, thanks to a partial break in an absurd legal logjam preventing anything bike-related from moving forward. (Happy 1-year birthday to the StreetsBlog network btw.)

Vancouver BC police find cache of stolen bikes. Take a look at the list, your bike may be on it. Once I came back from a night concert in Vancouver to find my supposedly invincible inch-wide cable almost sawed through. Thankfully someone spooked the crooks before they could get the job done. I was less lucky in Portland, where pros stole my Trek Y-33 in a matter of moments. My second mountain bike, a Rockhopper, was stolen from a Vancouver hotel. But by that time I’d given it to my son-in-law.

Moral: Vancouver and Portland are the worst bike-theft cities anywhere, only maybe not in that order.

The NorCal and SoCal high school cycling leagues continue to amaze.

Biking Bis: Cyclists and climate change, from Gene Bisbee. Also worth checking while you’re over at his site is Gene’s report on his bum knee. You can’t ride a bike regularly without exposing yourself to knee problems, so we all commiserate. Hope you get well for the holidays Gene! (And keep that bike locked while riding in Vancouver.)

Cyclelicio.us cogently analyzes the inequities of law enforcement re bikes v. cars. This will continue to be a pressure point as more riders take to commuting and start knocking on City Halls for support. In Seattle, with a cycling-friendly mayor and City Council, we have high hopes of providing a progressive model for metros everywhere.


As Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn Will Keep Riding His Bike

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