Daily Roundup: Cars invade SF bike lanes, CA state parks still open, Amy & Steevo,

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Bicycle Retailer: So far bike vendors are saying it’s not as bad as last Christmas. You could knock me over with a feather, or even a double-butted spoke.

S.F.StreetsBlog: When bikes ride in car lanes, it’s get that damn bike outta my way! When cars drive in bike lanes, it’s get that damn bike outta my way!

Tom Stienstra: State parks staying open despite cutbacks.

Sent from a friend: The Thanksgiving conversation we’ve all had.

Cyclelicio.us on filtering forward

How many bikes do you own? If you’re about average, according to Robb’s survey, then I own twice as many bikes as you.


Police bias against cyclists explored in San Francisco

For a Merry Cycling Christmas: Helmet cams explored


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