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3 responses to “Bike Intelligencer's Top 10 Bike Names of All Time”

  1. Daily Roundup: Mark Weir’s loss, Bike biz slump, Jimmy Mac looks back, Steve Smith rocks! « Bike Intelligencer

    […] in our home town of Seattle and have one of the coolest bike names, slotting in at No. 4 on our Top 10 Bike Names Of All Time list. So by extension we have to luv Steve […]

  2. Banshee Spitfire: Whazzat you say, Schwinn? « Bike Intelligencer

    […] first being that Banshee has the greatest bike names in the industry, placing first in our recent Top 10 Of All Time list with the Banshee […]

  3. News Cycle: Bike freeways, Dirt Bowl, new Banshee site, Fork drag & more « Bike Intelligencer

    […] Bikes, winner of our Top 10 Bike Names of All Time citation, has a killer new Web site. Unfortunately, someone forgot to renew the bansheebikes.com […]

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