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2 responses to “As Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn Will Keep Riding His Bike”

  1. Yokota Fritz

    Cool stuff.

    “Obama Bikes”?

  2. JAT

    I don’t see how this is going to work…

    Each spring for the past several years I would phone and email when Mayor Nickels appeared on KUOW to ask if he would be cycling to work during bike to work month (I even offered to lend him a bike since I live in his neighborhood) but each time he demurred, citing the need for constant access to cumbersome emergency communications equipment.

    I always believed that if Nickels could see just how awful the roads between Admiral and downtown are for cyclists (and note, I’m not saying dangerous necessarily – just awful) he might have taken a step or two down from his high horse of supporting cycling as an abstract feel-good climate and gridlock-positive symbol and taken a step or two closer to action.

    But supposing that Mayor-elect McGinn can be away from Seattle’s nuclear launch codes for a half hour at a time, I think it’s going to be the best thing ever for cycling in Seattle. As we all know, you just see a lot more from the seat of a bike.

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