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4 responses to “Riding to Win”

  1. Gene

    That’s great that bicyclists are a voting bloc in Seattle. Not so much in automobile-centric Bellevue, though. Cascade’s endorsements are 0-for-3 for the Bellevue City Council in early results. Challengers Orrico and Marchand are getting trounced by incumbents they’re trying to unseat, but Cascade-backed Bonincontri is only trailing Wallace by 2 points.

  2. Yokota Fritz

    But surely McGinn campaigned on issues besides cycling, right? Who did he appeal to besides people like you and me?

  3. Cyclist wins Seattle mayoral election « Bike Monkey Magazine

    […] was the dark horse candidate who was outspent three to one. Seattle bike blogger Paul Andrews writes of McGinn and his campaign: It was a startlingly unconventional way to build a base, campaigning in a bike helmet and blazer. […]

  4. Cyclists Set to Take Over Seattle Politics

    […] home the win last week, and good news for our Left Coast friends…the guy’s a biker. He actually campaigned riding around town on his bike, barking at people while wearing a helmet and blazer. Hopefully Washington takes notice and the […]

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