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3 responses to “Police arrest cyclist: A double standard?”

  1. Yokota Fritz

    I’d think the hit-and-run muddies things a bit. The better question might be: When King County motorists who hit and run are caught, are they prosecuted?

  2. Mike Morris

    IMO, this is a bad case to argue biased prosecution. Awful but true that motorists often kill cyclists without so much as a traffic ticket. Still, this cyclist was riding irresponsibly, and compounded his error by trying to run after hurting a small child. The average driver out there is likely to see this story as one more excuse to view cyclists with contempt, and completely miss the ‘selective prosecution’ angle. On the other hand, when I get prosecuted for plowing my bike into a jay-walking Capital Hill hipster stepping-without-looking into the bike lane from between SUV’s, I hope the Cascades will be all over that story.

  3. Paul Andrews

    I’d agree it’s not the greatest test case. But the issue that intrigues me here is cycling awareness in law enforcement. I’m intrigued to know if this episode marks some turning point, and if so, what that is. You’ve got a new administration coming to Seattle that is cycling-sympathetic; how will their enlightenment play out as the city moves forward?

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