Daily Roundup: Meet Tyler Farrar, Bike sharing to Silicon Valley? SF Bike Expo update, Bicycle meditations & more

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Coming up: SF Bike Expo on Saturday, Nov. 21st. Just added: Dirt-jump competition! What’s more is the platinum list of competitors, drawing heavily on the nearby Aptos (Santa Cruz) Mafia of Jump Jivers like Greg Watts (winner of the past summer’s Whistler Crankworx slopestyle competition), Tyler & Cam McCaul, Paul Basagoitia (only walk-on winner of Crankworx ever), Mike Montgomery, Andrew Taylor and others.

Should be quite the show. More here.

Also coming up: Tyler Farrar, the best pro sprinter the U.S. has produced in two decades, will be at a Cascade Bicycle Club “Evening With” at 7:30 p.m. next Wednesday, Nov. 18, in Magnuson Park Theater (7110 62nd Ave. N.E.). Get a discount on the $15 tickets by ordering with code CBC Member (if you are one!).

Cyclelicio.us: Is bike sharing coming to Silicon Valley?

New World Disorder 10, “Dust and Bones,” is now available on iTunes, which is where I hope “Race Across the Sky,” the Leadville 100 epic, soon winds up, because I can’t seem to carve out the time to go to an actual theater and watch it.

RC posts his $.02 on siping mountain bike tires. My rear Nevi is a little worn around the lugs. I’ll give RC’s advice a whirl and see what happens. My gut tells me that siping won’t affect tire longevity simply because if you’re siping you’re undoubtedly riding a lot, and riding a lot is what wears out tires, siped or unsiped.

I’ve long compared mountain biking to meditation, especially to my long-suffering spouse, in an effort to communicate its transportive dimension. Not sure what to make of the Bicycle Meditations site, but if you’re into this sort of thing, here it is.


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  2. The SDOT Alaskan Way surface boulevard design completely undercuts several ideal bicyle route arrangements. Reject the current design.

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