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7 responses to “Cygolite Trion 600 reviewed by someone who paid for one”

  1. Yokota Fritz

    Lights have come a *long* way. I’m a big believer in visibility; I mounted motorcycle lights & 6V battery when I had a long commute back before the modern LED era 🙂

    I like the self contained feature and I always appreciate blinky & steady modes (though 8 modes might be overkill). On this light I’d be interested in knowing the power draw and number of LEDs. Agree w/ you about helmet mounts — for high power lights I think they can actually increase danger: I’ve been blinded when Mr Biker with HID helmet light looks directly at me. Bastard.

    Paul, you’ve been around so I’m certain you’re not so naive to think that buying a product is any guarantee you won’t bias the “honest truth.” When you invest something into politics, a project, a person, or a bike light, you’ll be biased. I’m sure you’ve seen some interesting rationalizations when somebody puts money, time or themselves into stuff.

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  3. Paul Andrews

    Agreed…that’s why Lexus and Mercedes owners always top the “most satisfied” lists of car owners. But just because I buy and like a product doesn’t mean I can’t see its flaws, as my reviews of the Thule T2 bike rack (which I still think deserves a recall) shows. And I always try to link to other reviews/comments, whose potential bias I have no control over, when I review something. Hey Richard, maybe we should become the Ebert & Roeper of bike reviews!

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  5. mark

    I have owned a trion 600 since they fist came out. I bought one of the first ones.I have had NO problems with mine at all, it is by far the absolute best light I have ever used. It has even taken a fall from my bike at about 15mph, and it still works it did not even flicker! best light for the money. totally worth the $350.00

  6. Niall macrae

    Hi, thanks for the review.Am looking for a good light to show me the road, (pot holes) are a common theme on Highland roads,(Scotland). Also to alert motorists that I’m a road user too and don’t appreciate being blinded!
    So I have come down to the cygolite trion 600 or the light and motion 500, as my top two. Though I too value my remaining Days on the Planet, a budget and a nagging wife dictate that the cygolite is a big pricey. So Q. is… a lot of folk have complained that the mounting bracket is not good and are having to do a “bodge job” to stop the T600 moving/ coming off. Did you find this? In L&M…. find it gets too hot as heat expenditure a problem. Do you have a preference between these two. I am a road cyclist.

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