Can you spare a couple of hours for the Traffic Justice Summit?

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More motivation to attend today’s summit, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Seattle City Hall:

BikePortland: Good links and commentary on Texas tandem mowdown. Yes it was an unfortunate accident, but hey, it’s vehicular manslaughter any way you cut it.

SeattleLikesBikes is tracking bike deaths statistically. Even a casual glance shows that most bike deaths do not involve alcohol or drugs, just carelessness and the psychological belittlement of bikes as rightful sharers of the road. Thanks to Michael Snyder for compiling this.

Head on down to lend your presence to legislative relief for this most critical challenge for the cycling and pedestrian communities. Help make our streets safer for non-motorized transport!


This Day in Doping: From using to running, a sorry scene

Velocide: Death on a bike, even as loved ones testify


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