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11 responses to “Warning! Thule T2 rack failure exposed”

  1. dave baker

    this is a pretty confusing and embarrassing review to be honest.

    You mention the small philips screw at the end of the spar, not the backbone, and claim that the clamp can slide over it, well the philips screw is there to stop the rear wheel cradle sliding off and has nothing to do with the way the bikes were lost when the whole spar assembly slid off the backbone.

    It was not a catastrophic failure, the clamps had stretched and the whole assembly ‘was a little floppy’ but the consumer still used the rack! WTH? Oh, the front wheel on my car is a little loose but I’m still going for a drive and blaming Toyota when the wheel falls off.

    I have sold and assembled hundreds of T2s and have NEVER seen any bolts come loose on their own, the bolts have blue loctite to prevent this. They do not invite loosening up over time. The only time I have ever seen a clamp come loose or become damaged is when the rack has been struck in a parking lot or in a crash and the bolts are still tight. There is a difference between the bolts coming loose and the clamp being damaged and ‘stretched’

    I assembled my own T2 4 years ago and have had zero problems.

    Your Ibis Mojo fell off the rack because it was installed incorrectly! You assumed the swingarm clamped onto the front of the wheel and got bit in the ass. Assume some responsibility and admit you did it wrong! The rack comes with instructions, did you read them? How can you do a review of a product when you don’t read the instructions and don’t know how to use the rack correctly?

    Thule is a great company and issues recalls when they are required, they cannot do anything about customers not fololowing instructions.

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  4. William Yang

    Can you shared the us the Part Number for the “retainer carriage bolt” that was installed at the back of the T2? Does it come with the Rack? I just purchased a T2 and would like to install the bolt myself.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. Tim

    No more than 30 minutes the exact same thing happened to my Thule T2. Unfortunately, I was in heavy traffic, my $6k bike was destroyed, and the mess sent another motorist in to the ditch. She and her passenger both left the scene on gurneys and were transported to hospital. I hope Thule steps up to take care of me…

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  7. radair

    You wrote “Then there’s the rear wheel QR buckle issue. For some reason Thule made the strap detachable from the base end. This is convenient in the sense you don’t have to slip the tongue out of the buckle every time you mount the rear wheel. But it’s also a bit of a nuisance to have to re-mount the strap in the base with each use. It also means the strap is easily stolen or lost.”

    You’re using it wrong. Leave the strap in the base buckle. Whe you want to take the bike off, release the buckle (leave the strap where it is) and pull the cylindrical end out of the slotted hole on the other side of the wheel. You can keep the strap exactly where it is and never need to adjust it again.

  8. Gatexag

    I have a T2 and have not had a problem. When I assembled my rack I made sure the bolts were tight and when I load my bikes I make sure the arms are engaged properly. Is Kuat paying you for this campaign?

  9. Sam

    We read about this and have never had a problem. With that said, I can see how it would happen. So as a precaution my husband just drilled a hole at the end of the backbone assembly and installed a big bolt through it. A cheap fix that could save a bike (or better yet, a life if you happen to be the unfortunate person behind a rack wishing to jettison a 25+lb bike).

  10. michael

    I have had my T2 for 4 years, its awesome and like the posts above I put a bolt/nut through a hole I drilled at the end of the assemby but to my knoldge it has never… ever needed it.

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