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2 responses to “Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance: Issues and bikes get full airing at Duthie”

  1. len

    Intellengencer (/Paul),

    Thanks for the internet-time, honest, accurate, and supportive report and video sample of the park (and great soundtrack choice). NO ONE has ever questioned the trail volunteers and I’m owing a few trips out myself to assist (and I’m not in a deficit in volunteering this season so just trying to spread the love and you all should attempt a trip or two yourselves) – looks like trail magic is being done once again so will see brother’s Mike and Josh and their team soon.

    Let’s get back to Nick Grove’s “its all about LOVE days” in this group. Its all about the people, we all with our individual quirks add up to a collective of measureable impact.

    Bless our execs but we have the power.


  2. Paul Andrews

    Ah Len, you’re one of the good ones! Take care bro…let’s ride sometime!

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