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12 responses to “Lance's Chances: Preview of 2009 Leadville 100”

  1. pam

    I think Lance’s MTB skills are quite sufficient for Leadville. His fitness will give him the edge. Setup of bike? Lance is a fanatic and no stranger to his mountain bike.

    Now what I’d really like to see is Stamstad come out of retirement!

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  4. Jim

    If you raced with Lance at 2008 Leadville (i did) and spoke with Dave after the race (I did)you would have written a different article. Your argument and conclusion sound correct if you are in a classroom, however, they dont have much to stand on in the real world.

  5. Paul Andrews

    I’ll take your word for it but would like to know more specifically where what I stated was wrong. I thought I hedged pretty much every declarative statement ;^)

  6. Scott Hirst

    More detailed look at the course may be needed. At least 20 miles of the course is a road course and less than 15 miles is true mountain biking single track. Thus, Dave (or another mtn. biker) has to really make time on that 15 miles. It is a truism, that climbing on dirt may be a little different when one stands up, but keeping the butt in the seat and cranking is pretty much the same as on the road. So, advantage Lance on St. Kevin’s and Columbine climbs. Critical race differentiator, Power Line descent. If Lance takes it easy and does not endo, he wins. Otherwise, it will be an interesting day.

  7. Jon

    Any thoughts on the fact that Lance just won CO state XC champs, hands down going away?

  8. Paul Andrews

    Yeah I guess he showed me! ;^)

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  10. Ken

    What happened? Not only did Lance beat Wiens, but he beat him by miles. I love Wiens, but it’s obvious that all the road racing put Lance into a different level of fitness than anyone else at the race.

  11. Paul Andrews

    The racing, and the fact Lance is Lance…a good reminder of what world-class really means at the rider level!

  12. Bytor

    I was at Columbine during the 2009 race and Lance motored up the climb at a pace NO ONE came close to. More importantly, for anyone questioning his skills, he absolutely smoked back down faster than anyone. I mean he just crushed the downhill at an insane speed. How’s that humble pie taste?

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