This Day in Doping: Making cycling look clean

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Update: Brit cycling star Bradley Wiggins is making his blood profile public…let’s see a baseball player do THAT!

It was decent of Major League Baseball to hold off releasing the names of yet even more storybook champions who won while juiced in ’03 — until after this year’s Tour de France. Like the man says, pretty soon every major baseball accomplishment of the past decade will have an asterisk next to it.

Thank god for the Boys of Summer, though. They’re the only gang who can make professional cycling look clean.

You do have to marvel at the players’ protests. Their argument seems to be that it’s a crime that the truth has come out, because they were promised the truth would not come out. So really, they’re the victims in all this, and we should feel sorry for them. Sort of like the cop caught beating up the cyclist saying, “People should not be allowed to videotape the actions of the police in a private matter.”

The great part is, everybody walks. And fans keep going out and cheering ’em on. It all reminds me of the end of “Burn After Reading.”



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