Rider Down: Bruce Rosar is dead

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I didn’t know Bruce Rosar, but the overwhelming response to his death has caught all of our attention. Bruce was an experienced cyclist, a tireless advocate for cycling and a safety instructor. A car mowed him down in Apex, North Carolina. Police took a statement from the driver, who said Bruce made a wrong turn. Hopefully there will be further investigation into the incident — as Cyclelicio.us’ Richard Masoner notes, the other key witness is dead. (A local cycling forum indicates that others witnessed the accident, and police have asked for persons with information to come forward. Those who knew him express skepticism that a careful veteran like Bruce could fail to see a car coming at him.)

Thanks to Richard for putting together a full link list on Bruce’s death.


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3 thoughts on “Rider Down: Bruce Rosar is dead”

  1. “A car mowed him down”??? Are you trying to win an award for most incendiary (and blatantly false) statement!?

    It sounds like you are trying your best to make this seem like Bruce was the sweet, innocent victim of some evil driver who intentionally targeted him. Sorry to disappoint you but that does not appear to be true. All of the witnesses (some on four wheels, some on two wheels and some on two feet) all said the same thing: Bruce turned directly into the path of the car and the driver of the car had no time to react. As careful as Bruce always was, he was apparently the one who made the mistake.

    In the non-ending “us vs them” war against motorists, we cyclists are always quick to point to examples where people on four wheels do stupid things. Yet we tend to be very reluctant to admit that we sometimes make mistakes too. If the war is to ever be won, we need to accept the fact that we are not always perfect.

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