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9 responses to “Pivot Firebird reviewed by someone who paid for one”

  1. Ron Burnham

    I am seriously considering buying a Firebird next Spring and appreciated your article. Some of the reviews I’ve read speak of the harshness you experienced and it has been a concern of mine. I am 6’1″ and weigh 190#. If you have recommendations on sag/pressure and stem length I would be interested. Thanks

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  4. gustavo gomez

    Can you please provide sag and rebound settings used? I am having a hard time setting up mine.


  5. Paul Andrews

    …whoops, got cut off. Dial rebound at 3 clix, 5 if you’re a heavy guy. All this also depends on what kinda riding you do. These settings are for aggro trail, or freeride lite. Hope this helps!

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  8. Jeff

    Looking around for Firebird reviews, I thought this one was pretty good until this paragraph, which pretty much wrote of the credibility of all the other good detail you put in.

    IMO, MBA and RC are two of the least respected sources of authority that anyone can brig up in the world of mountain biking.

    “I should say something here about elevated expectations. Mountain Bike Action‘s RC (Richard Cunningham) doesn’t put his own name on many bike reviews, but he did it for the Firebird. His online posting was a 5-star gobsmacked rave. RC is usually pretty reserved in both praise and criticism, so his unabashed love letter to the Firebird was a marked departure. It did, however, goose the buzz meter on the Firebird.”

  9. Darren

    I have a 2011 Firebird. By far the best bike I ever owned.

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