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3 responses to “Not a mountain biker disrupts Redmond Derby Days”

  1. Keith Moore

    I’ve been following this on BikeHugger for the past couple of days. Very sad. It looks like Chris is home from the hospital. I wish him a speedy recovery.

    It will be interesting to see if/how rules & procedures are changed for future races.

  2. Jon

    So, you’re saying my 1984 Stumpjumper 650b conversion isn’t a mountain bike because it has a 1″ threaded headset?

    I agree with you that the bso the guy was riding is not a mountain bike, but not for the reasons you state. It wasn’t a mountain bike even when it’s components were current issue.

  3. Brian

    I wasn’t there, but I get the gist. I’ve seen this scenario set up dozens of times. The kind of crap bike the guy was riding is mostly irrelevant.

    I’ve never been involved in or seen a crash that wouldn’t have been avoided by one rider (bike) or another not being present.

    It happens here in Oregon, too. I’ve made a concious effort to avoid certain types of races because of organizers and riders behaving in a cavalier manner. Bike racing is dangerous and it makes sense to treat it that way – we don’t. Until the participants demand smarter risk management (including exculsion of dangerous riders), there won’t be any.


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