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4 responses to “Lunch with Cyclelicio.us and Richard Masoner”

  1. Yokota Fritz

    Hi Paul, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife Celine. Maggie’s a lot of fun, too 🙂

  2. Steven Vance

    I see BikePortland.org less as a blog but more like a traditional news service. I think this because I see Jonathan has adopted journalistic ethics and values. BikePortland.org also presents news and not just stories and articles. Regardless of the differences between the blogs of Richard and Mr. Maus, both authors write well and are interesting.

  3. Keith Moore

    Hi Paul,

    I just discovered your site via the Cyclelicio.us article. It’s always great to find another source of cycling info, especially one from the Pacific Northwest.

    You & I spoke on the phone about 100 years ago when you were researching “How the Web Was Won”. I was the FTP Server guy way back then. As you mentioned in another comment thread, there’s something about cycling that just seems to mesh well with people in technology industries.

  4. Paul Andrews

    Whoa, that indeed was a few lifetimes ago Keith…did you give me the official FTP team shirt or was it J. ? I still have it…in any case, good hearing from you and yes, it must be how gears work like code (or something). Cheers, Paul

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