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4 responses to “Livewrong: Lance still making enemies on the Tour”

  1. Yokota Fritz

    I think LA was in the right place at the right time and took advantage of the situation as he saw it develop. Columbia is exhausted going into the TTT, while most of Astana is relatively fresh and everybody else is just confused.

  2. Brett G

    I think LA has proven his intentions to be far from what is alleged in your article. After reviewing your postings in the domain I have concluded your site to have a heavy lean against LA, and therefore encourage anyone who wants an unbiased opinion to disregard your site as negative rhetoric. May you wallow in your spite.

  3. KDS

    The LA haters never cease to amaze me.

    Funny how things turned out. Armstrong played the role of support rider just as he was expected to. In the end, it was Contador who took flack for bending over his fellow teammates at critical moments in the tour. Not once, but twice! Made a lot of enemies in the process. It should’ve been Contador, Kloden, and Lance on the podium today, but Contador decided to go against the gameplan and do things his own way. I’m sure LA is grateful though. A lot of those enemies Contador made will be joining Armstrong on his new team next year.

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