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3 responses to “Tiger Mountain trail opening by weekend?”

  1. Anthony

    Keep in mind, Obama signed the bill closing ~110 miles of trail to bikes on Mt. Hood. I’m still waiting to see evidence of your claim that ‘the Obama generation is ok with bikes in Wilderness’.

    OTOH – if I was of your advanced age, I think I’d poach trail on tiger, as seeing more trail legally open up there may take a few more decades.

  2. Tom Fitz

    Hey Paul, no need for mountain bikers to be defensive about Obama!


  3. Anthony

    Tom, that’s just ignorant. Any mtn biker that likes backcountry singletrack should be concerned, not that he’s the core of the problem, but as long as he signs what Congress sends him, he’s part of it.

    Last I checked, he’s signed bills closing trails, but hasn’t opened any.

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