Free Missy! Save California! Solve the deficit!

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You hate to see this: Former world downhill champion Missy Giove arrested on pot charges. On the other hand, this is just one more high-profile reason to legalize pot, tax that sucker, and make big bucks for economic stimulus and state budgets, free law enforcement for more serious and pressing matters, end the moronic War on Drugs and start America making sense again…as well as head off senseless tragedies like that of mtb wizard Sam Brown.

No one familiar with the sport of mountain biking in general, and La Missile in particular, can be surprised at Giove’s arrest. But listen: This is a country that smokes dope. Prohibition does not work any better for marijuana than it did for alcohol. When my right-wingnut friends carp about weed I come back with, OK, let’s be consistent then and ban alcohol. People are dying in the streets from DUI.

Here in NorCal, where I’m biking and visiting, all the talk is of the state facing bankruptcy over a $24 billion budget deficit. Legalizing/taxing dope is one of two primary strategies being discussed to ameliorate the shortcoming (a higher gas tax being the other). Even Gov. Schwarzenegger seems receptive to the idea.

At the pinnacle of her sport, Missy was always edgy, funny, outrageous and pharmaceutically aware. Let her out on condition she help lobby for national marijuana legalization. Now there you’d have a loud ‘n proud spokesperson we could get behind!

And in other drug news: Alejandro Valverde is banned from the Tour de France, starting July 4.


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