Carnage on the roadways: Ride carefully out there!

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As the riding season heats up, the roadway interface between bikes and vehicles is getting dicier. Drivers unused to seeing so many bikes on the road make decisions as though bikes didn’t exist. And there are riders either new to the pursuit or rusty from a winter-long layoff who need to keep in mind that any encounter with two tons of steel really “weights” the odds against them.

That said, we stand by our position that there are too many bike accidents where the rider is doing precisely what he or she needs to do to ride safely, but the driver is careless or, worse yet, uncaring.

An 18-wheeler mowed down a South Carolina cyclist on Monday.

A Michigan cyclist got hit while talking with a motorist. This one sounds like the cyclist may not have been in the right place, given the circumstances.

Fixed Bicycle Gear: “I got hit by a car last night.”

Get out ‘n ride, but please, ride safe!


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