Bike Month raving success, kudos to Cascade!

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Kudos to Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club for making Bike Month 2009 the best in history! Lots of visibility, good press, great vibes, indelible memories and institutional progress over the past 31 days. Good going guys…

Thanks to Cascade for making it possible!
Thanks to Cascade for making it possible!

On Thursday I went by the UW Hubbub at University Way and 41st for some free Lara bars and Honest Tea. A city cop was there registering bikes so I figured on taking advantage of the opportunity. We flipped my ti Titus hardtail (link to blog) over and voila! No serial number!

We looked around in some other likely places but no luck. So I went back to my original paperwork on the bike, which I bought from Roaring Mouse Cycles in San Francisco seven years ago, and the Serial No. entry was: “n/a NO SERIAL NUMBER”

We DO need a stinkin' serial number...
We DO need a stinkin' serial number...

A serial number is important. The officer wisely noted that if the bike grrll standing next to us claimed it was her bike, I wouldn’t have anything but my own word to back me up. And if it was my word against hers, I think hers would’ve won. The cop seemed to have a thing for her.

Later Adam at Downhill Zone came up with the solution: “All you’d have to do is tell the cop it was a titanium Titus hardtail with a rasta headset. There’s not another one of those in the whole state!”

He’s got a point… Still, I’m going to have to find out why my bike has no serial number.

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