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2 responses to “Today's Ride: Tiger Mountain RR”

  1. Tom Fitz

    Amen Paul, esp. on the Tiger Summit Access issue. We are now allowed on 8 out of about 80 miles of trail up there. Many of them are old logging rr grades so there’s no environmental justification for not opening them to all nonmotorized use. I’m not a northshore type, so not sure I’d like Preston revamped the way you’re talking about, but in 13 years of riding there I’ve met pedestrians on it twice, so at least there’d be no user conflict. I’m slow, but hope we can ride together sometime.

  2. Trail work: Discovering the satisfactions on Tiger « Bike Intelligencer

    […] had blocked exit paths off the trail. Below the switchback, things got serious. I rode Preston at the beginning of the month and was amazed at what good shape it was in. But May 2009 has been brutally wet, with more than 150 […]

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