Daily Roundup: Lance/Astana soap opera, Vancouver likes bikes, Cascade offers breakfasts, Craigslist helps cops track bike thieves

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Lance/Astana soap opera silences for now: Apparently Lance’s public squawking freed up some funding for the Giro d’Italia leg of Astana’s season. As far as the Tour de France goes, stay tuned…on Universal Sports channel, which will carry the Giro after all.

Another city adjusts to increased bike traffic: Vancouver BC is winnowing vehicular traffic on the Burrard Bridge to expand access for cyclists and pedestrians. Burrard is the chief bridge crossing from downtown to West Vancouver, and an extremely busy bike route. Previously bikes used the sidewalk (the east side is bikes only), but now the western-most outside lane will be bikes only as well. The move comes as other cities, notably Los Angeles, grapple with how to handle the surge of bicycle commuter and transportation traffic. Too many bikes make motorists angry and impatient and pose safety hazards to cars and cyclists both.

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club will offer “Breakfast on (or near) the Bridge” the next two Fridays (the first was today) on the west side of Mercer Island to support bike commuting during construction repairs on I-90. The club will run its Bike Bus from Mercer Island to downtown, the U District and Bellevue during construction periods, scheduled for May and July.

Wrap-up report from Port Angeles on the Pro Gravity Tour initial race, congrats to Katie and Curtis!

Bellingham Herald: Craigslist ad leads Bellingham police to suspected bike thieves. “The investigation began when a woman, whose mountain bike had been stolen, told Bellingham Police she thought she saw the bicycle for sale on Craigslist, said Mark Young, police spokesman. An officer went to the Web site, tracked down the listing and saw the bike being offered for $1,500. The ad included a picture that matched the description of the womanís bicycle, Young said.”


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